Selling Your Home? Follow These Trends!

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Lots of people are interested in ways to get their homes sold quickly and for the best price possible. Knowing which trends will make your house look updated and which ones will look outdated and cluttered is essential to know where you should put your efforts in the weeks just before you list. A Keller Williams agent in Charleston can help you find prospective homebuyers, but there are some trends that you should be aware of before you even list.


Room to Breathe

Since many people were concerned about not being stuck in a city where disease could spread quickly, they moved out to the country and suburbs. People also wanted beautiful scenery since they had to work home from work anyway. People who aren't going to be going back to work when the pandemic is over are likely to continue to enjoy the space and freedom that living out of the city provides.


Zoom Room

A lot of people are concerned about making a good impression on their bosses, but with meetings moving to video calls, people had to find ways to create clean and professional-looking environments. This is where the Zoom room came into play. A Zoom room can either actually be a room or simply a corner of one room that's dedicated to making video calls.


Backyards Made for Leisure

Lots of people like to go out for drinks or dinner, but the pandemic put a stop to that completely for quite some time in certain areas of the country. Even after some restrictions were lifted, there were people who had found that they simply liked spending the night on the back patio because they could enjoy the night without worrying about whether or not they would be exposed to the virus. The backyard is also a great place to enjoy the quiet and privacy. And since people have been showing a renewed interest in cooking and baking, as most of us have noticed in what is out at the grocery stores, many people are also enjoying great food. This trend is here to stay because people have also noticed that their wallets have become a bit heavier since they decided to spend more evenings at home.


Comfy and Clean

A certain level of comfort is always on-trend in homes, but with people spending even more time around the house, the comfort factor has become even more important, and you can see it in living room styles. But don't confuse comfortable with messy. People have definitely wanted spaces that exude a clean and sanitary vibe because it brings enormous peace of mind when your house looks clean during a pandemic. Getting rid of clutter also makes it that much easier to ensure that all surfaces are wiped down and disinfected.


When it's time to look for a real estate agent in Charleston, it's also time to make sure that your home looks relevant and updated. Knowing which trends are sticking around will help you with the process of staging your home.